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Enrollment Opens January 2024

Wellness plans provide essential preventative care over the 12 month enrollment period, with the added benefit of discounted services and convenient payment options! 

Gold Plan

Silver Plan

Bronze Plan

Designed for horses that travel

Great for horses who live at a boarding barn or with other horses that travel

Perfect for horses who live in a small, closed herd. 

2 Wellness Exams

Annual Vaccines (E/W/T/West Nile/PHF/Rabies)

Spring & Fall Flu/Rhino Vaccines

1 Coggins EIA Test

1 Comprehensive Sedated Dental Exam 

1 Fecal Egg Count & Customized Deworming Plan 


5% off dental procedures

50% off the emergency fee or urgent care fee

Enroll Today!
Select an option
Select an option

We will call you to confirm & set up payment! 

Terms and Conditions

Qualifying for Enrollment: A client’s account must be in good standing to be eligible for enrollment.

Non-Included Services: Farm call fees, additional vaccines such as strangles or botulism, booster vaccines for horses not

previously vaccinated, additional sedation for dentals, etc. are not included. Any non-included services will be invoiced separately.

Payment Method: CareCredit is not accepted as a method of payment for wellness plans. Autopay with a credit card on file is required for the monthly payment option.

Discounted Services: Discounted dental procedures and emergency fees apply only to the horse that is enrolled in the plan. 

Declined Services: All included services must be performed within the 12 month wellness plan period or they will be considered declined. We are unable to offer refunds for declined services. 

Cancellation policy: You can cancel a plan at any time. The cancellation options are as follows:

1)   If the payments made toward the wellness plan have covered the full retail cost of the services already rendered, you will receive a prorated refund minus the full retail value of the services that have already been performed. A refund will only be given to clients whose account is in good standing.

2)   If the payments made don’t cover the full retail value of the services already performed, the remaining balance is due upon cancellation of the plan.

3)   In the event the horse should pass away or be sold before fulfillment of the wellness plan, the above cancellation terms apply.

Declined/Late Payments: If your card is declined on the day your payment is scheduled, you will be contacted to update your credit card on file. If the payment is not processed within 48 hours, a $25 fee will be charged in addition to the amount of your monthly payment. We will continue to attempt to process payments through your card on file. If the account is not brought up to date within 30 days, we will consider the plan cancelled and the cancellation terms will apply.

Thanks for your enrollment! We will contact you to confirm and set up payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why were the Wellness Plans created?

Our goal is to make preventative care convenient and affordable for our clients. Some appreciate being able to spread out the expense over 12 months, while others prefer to purchase the Wellness Plan in full to get it out of the way. You will have peace of mind that your equine’s essential preventative care will be taken care of.


If I already plan on doing all of the included services, why should I sign up?

If you usually do the recommended annual preventative care including wellness exam, vaccines, fecal egg count, and dentals, there is no downside to signing up. You will get the same services, with the added benefit of discounted dental procedures and discounted emergency/urgent fee.


What dental services are included?

A comprehensive dental exam including standard sedation amount is included in the wellness plan. After each tooth and surrounding gums are examined with a mirror and probe, the doctor will determine which dental procedures the patient needs. These dental procedures are provided at a 5% discount, and include equilibration (“floating”), periodontal treatment, advanced odontoplasty, extractions such as wolf teeth, or dental radiographs (x-rays).


Can you clarify the emergency/urgent fee discount?

If your enrolled equine needs care on an emergent or urgent basis, there is a fee for immediate or same day service. In these instances, you will receive a 50% discount on the emergency fee or urgent care fee. The services performed are billed normally.


After paying for the Wellness Plan, what will I owe on the day of my preventative care appointment?

Any services that aren’t included in the plan are invoiced separately. Examples are the farm call, additional vaccines such as strangles or botulism, booster vaccines for patients not previously vaccinated, or additional dental sedation.


What if my horse usually gets 2 dentals or 2 fecal egg counts per year?

The first sedated dental exam or fecal egg count is included in the wellness plan. If your horse typically gets those services twice a year, they will be billed separately. The second dental, although not included, will qualify for the 5% discount on both the exam and procedures.


Should I sign up now or wait until I need spring vaccines?

Signing up now immediately activates the discounts. Enrollment begins the day you sign up and lasts 12 months.


Is the cost of the Wellness Plan equivalent to the cost of the included services?

The one-time payment is equal to the sum of the included services. The monthly autopay option adds up to just slightly more, with the benefit of being spread out over 12 months. A wellness exam ($48 value) is always complimentary when one of our veterinarians administers the recommended vaccines.


Do I need to enroll all of my horses?

No, you can enroll just one horse or all of your equines. However, the discounts on dental procedures and the emergency/urgent fee only apply to the enrolled patient.


Will you remind me when services are due?

Yes, if your horse has received the service before, such as vaccines or a dental, you will receive a mailed and/or emailed reminder when they are due. If you are nearing the end of your enrollment period and have not used all of the included services, we will reach out to remind you. You will need to schedule the appointment for the services. If you do not use all of the services within the 12 month enrollment, they will be considered declined.


Do I still schedule appointments normally?

Yes, you will still reach out to the office to schedule appointments in your preferred manner (website, call, or text).


If I don’t sign up, are there still benefits to being considered an active client?

Yes! While you will miss out on the 5% discount on dental procedures and 50% discount on the emergency/urgent fee, you will still get active client benefits if your horse is a current patient seen for routine care annually. This includes 24/7/365 emergency services and maintaining an active VCPR for prescription meds. If your horse also receives the recommended vaccines, you will qualify for the Active Client Discount on the emergency/urgent fee, which is 25%.

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