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Miamitown Equine provides mobile and outpatient haul-in veterinary services in the Greater Cincinnati area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable, personalized care.

Personalized Care

No two equines are the same, so they shouldn't be treated with one-size-fits-all veterinary care. When you partner with Miamitown Equine, we work with you to tailor our care to each horse’s needs, and yours.

Are your horses beloved pets or working athletes? Do you prefer a concise, to-the-point summary of your horse's condition or a detailed explanation?

Share with us your budget, goals, and preferred communication style so that we can provide you with the best service possible.


Whether we are treating a pasture pet, trail buddy, or show horse, we provide each with the same level of compassionate care and customize it to their individual situation. Athlete or pet, foal or golden oldie, they all deserve personalized healthcare. 

Building Relationships with Equines and their Owners


We love building relationships with clients and patients, caring for them year after year, through their riding years and into retirement. Our locally-owned business is well-established and professional, with a friendly team who knows you and your horse. When you have a question, we take the time to explain so that you understand.


Our goal is to be an active member of your horse's care team so that we can catch problems early, before they are more serious and costly. We also work together with other members of your horse's care team such as your farrier. We collaborate within our own operations to provide comprehensive services and keep lines of communication open. Our doctors discuss cases daily so that everyone is on the same page and your horse gets the benefit of multiple perspectives and ideas. If your horse is sick, know that you have the support and compassion of the whole team, from the doctors to the support staff.  

Passion for the Horse

We're horse people, too! Our passion for horses brought us into this profession, steering us away from climate-controlled offices with predictable hours and onto gravel roads, muddy paddocks, and barns filled with 1200lb animals who like to get themselves into trouble. Just like you, we love the smell of good hay, fresh shavings, and oiled leather. We find the sound of rhythmic hoofbeats relaxing and appreciate the beauty of a galloping horse. When you partner with Miamitown Equine, you will be working with fellow horse people - we get it!



10995 St Rt 128 Harrison, OH 45030 

0.75 Miles North of the New Haven-S.R. 128 intersection

Delta building on Oakridge Drive - off of 128

Office Call or Text: 513-715-2600

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Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Farm calls are performed Monday - Friday

24/7 Emergency service for our current equine patients

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